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05/05/08 04:19 AM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

On the site it says that the N95 sold here is 850/1900/2100MHz ( So, is it a different version of the 1,2,3,4 variants?
I did not realize that the n95 didn?t have a touch screen! Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you type? I wish I could have a keypad but I can live with a virtual one on a touch screen. A numeric keypad only would be too much of a compromise for my internet needs! The main reason I would get a n95 would be for the camera since it beats almost everything else on this department, but I am starting to lean more towards something like the x800/m800 or the TyTN II Kaiser. How is the TyNT II in comparison to the m800? And what are other good options in this configuration: Keypad, good screen, good web surfing, e-mail, good video playback, dedicated GPS chipset, decent camera (with decent video).....? Sorry for asking so many things but there are so many variables! Tahnks again.

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