(Head Honcho)
05/05/08 07:53 PM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

You could use a folding Bluetooth keyboard with the N95.

None of the Nokia N95 variants have triband 3G. My Spanish isn't very good, but since they list out 2100MHz HSDPA separately from 850/1900MHz, they may be covering both the N95-1 and N95-3 on that page.

We don't have the M800 in-house and are waiting for the M810 to arrive for review, so I can't really say much from experience. Note that the X800 lacks a hardware keyboard too, so you'd have to use the on-screen keyboard or handwriting recognition (or an external Bluetooth keyboard).

The E-TEN products have a dedicated SiRF III GPS which is better than the aGPS in the TyTN II. They're similar for web browsing (though the X800's VGA screen means you can see more of a page at a time). The E-TEN products handle video playback a bit better.

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