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06/21/08 02:18 PM
PIM/Office/Web PDA or UMPC for Work/Travel/Outdoors

Hello all,

Looking for some advice on getting a new PDA. I'm looking at UMPC options as well, but since size factor is important, I figured I'd post in this subforum.

I'm looking for something that will ideally fit a cargo pocket, but that is good so long as it fits (not taking up all the space) an [URL="http://arcteryx.com/product.aspx?Q10"]Arcteryx Q10[/URL] lumbar pack.

The main use is for work, communication, internet. Reading/writing, calendar/email/PIM, Skype/messaging, browsing web, etcetera. Need to be able to write fast/easy and long docs-- some keyboard is preferred. I use DVORAK so anything which has the option to type with that is awesome, but I can still work QWERTY.

Don't need games or multimedia, but it would be quite nice to be able to watch movies and listen to music on flights.

I generally use GNU/Linux and I prefer KDE, so anything that leans towards that end is much preferred.

Bluetooth is strongly preferred. If that means buying a Windows option and then putting GNU/Linux on it (rather than just getting straight BT-less GNU/Linux) then so be it (and damn MS to hell).

Battery life is very important. This needs to be taken to the outdoors with me, so I need something that I can get 30-45min day for a week without charging. Extra batteries are alright, so long as they don't cost more than another 2lbs of weight to make the gizmo last. If it can recharge from a small solar panel, all the better.

Budget: No more than $850, but ideally around $400-500-- very willing to cut features for price so long as basic needs are met.

Here's what I'm looking at:

HP 2133
Asus Eee PC
Wibrain B1
HP 211
HTC Advantage

Any advice, recommendations, thoughts are really appreciated!

Many thanks,

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