(Head Honcho)
08/01/08 11:01 PM
Re: What should I Buy

Hate to tell you, but T-Mobile has nothing that matches your requests. Their WinMo Pro phone, the Wing, is slow and lacks GPS.

AT&T has a better selection, though nothing slim and light that also has all those features and runs the Pro version of WinMo. There are recently released unlocked GSM phones that do match-- the HTC Touch Diamond seems like a perfect match and it's even very slim and light. Mom will like the voice quality-- my mom does . Here's our review: . It sells for around $650 though-- not cheap. You might want to take a subsidized phone on a new contract and sell it to help partially pay for the Diamond.

A very recent phone is the Samsung Omnia 900 (just came out a few weeks ago). It's another good match, though not as small as the Diamond. However, it's even harder to find and more expensive.

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