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08/26/08 09:36 PM
Re: HTC vs. BB

Thank, Lisa. You mentioned you have the GSM version of the Diamond. Is that running the same WinMo 6 as the Sprint Touch does or is it the newer version 6.1? Is there that much of a difference between the two WinMo versions? I guess now I am leaning more toward the HTC Touch, but now want to know what the differences are between the Sprint HTC Touch version (or the newer improved TouchFlo) and the Diamond. Os is there much of a difference between the two? Just a little more wow or better finger gesturing control with a newer improved TouchFlo? I did play with the Sprint version of the Touch and it felt pretty good although I have never used a touchscreen so it was all foreign to me. I am still using an old Sanyo 4900 for pete's sake! LOL

Thanks again, Lisa!

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