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08/31/08 09:50 AM
What to buy?!

Hello guys. I would like to buy a smartphone or a communicator based on a Windows mobile system.

What do I need. Simpy evrything, but mosty the pda will be used for internet.
So i need a big screen 3.0 inches or >
Wifi bluetooth and other stuff.
Keyboard, a hidden qwerty!
Touchscreen for sure. 640x480 - ya.

I am choosing between

--- Asus p750 - but it has a 64 mem and a 2.6 inch screen. Tho it can be reprogrammedor w/e to 6x4.
----- Htc touch diamond - but very low battery life and stil a 2.8 inch and nbp keyboar at all.
----- Htc touch PRO - good but pricey! and low battery life or?

----- Iphone - no keyboard Apple =[

Are there any other good PDAS to choose from? Maybe I need too much from a single device?

Thanks !

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