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10/10/08 07:28 PM
PDA for use in the field?

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a PDA that I can use in remote field situations. I will be away from power, and so will want to recharge spare batteries with a small solar cell. Battery life is thus probably the most important thing, as is the ability to dial down processor speeds when so desired, dimming the screen, etc. Ideal would be a user-replaceable battery, though there might be a solution for an external battery that one could plug into the power port (not sure about that one).

I need an external keyboard, the ability to work with excel sheets, word docs, etc. Downloading audio files from sound recording devices and editing them would be useful. It would be completely ideal to be able to run windows statistical applications, but that's probably icing on the cake more than anything else.

My impression is that palms tend to win on the battery life, but not sure about getting an external battery which i could charge during the day. I used to have a tungsten e2, which i loved until it died. Having a bigger screen than the e2 would probably help for things like data entry though.

Any ideas you folks have would be very much appreciated! Thanks.


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