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12/02/08 04:06 PM
Re: Storm vs. sticking with my IPAQ

Thanks for getting back to me on this, Lisa. One question: When you say I'll be able to use my existing software with the Omnia (the Touch Pro is waaaay out of my price range) do you just mean I can use my existing references or do you mean Active Sync? I've got to tell you, if you mean Active Sync, that's not an argument in favor. I've never been able to get AS to work well. I use it on a primary PC that's got multiple user desktops and it just gets confused and unstable in that environment.

I've heard some positive things about the Omnia shifting from portrait to landscape a lot more easily than the Storm and other minor things that sound like bugs. If I'm not buying for another three months, are those glitches that will most likely be gone by then? Also can you give me a sense of the relative value of 3G (on the Storm) vs. WiFi (on the Omnia) if I'm not the typical heavy mobile e-mailer and Web surfer? I'm interested in using those features, but I'll never be someone who has to use them heavily.

Okay, so maybe that was more than one question...

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