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12/19/08 09:59 PM
Considering ATT smartphone

I'm considering upgrading from a phone + pda to a smartphone from ATT. I'm primarily interested in the phone and pda capabilities although I'm thinking about a data plan. I would want a full qwerty and a touch screen would be nice.

I've thought about the HTC Touch Pro/Fuze, but its price tag is pretty hefty right now. (Any idea how long before a price drop is likely?) Because of its low price, I'm also thinking about the Palm Centro, but I'm worried that the old Palm OS and the lack of 3G will be a major detractor in the future. Also, I like that the Fuze has built-in gps, but that's definitely not a dealbreaker for me with the Centro.

If any current users of the Centro or Fuze could chime in with their experiences about speed and features, it would be very helpful.

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