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02/09/09 08:52 AM
Which SPRINT phone should I buy? (according to certain features)

I have been all over the internet TRYING to sort out all the differences in the newer phones offered by Sprint... HELP!!
I had narrowed it down to Blackberry Curve 8330, LG LOTUS, Palm Treo 800W, Samsung Instinct, and Blackberry Pearl 8130... and was considering the Samsung Rant... HOWEVER my research showed that most of my choices are not MMS capable!!??

Basically, I would like a PDA type (if possible, must have a camera, preferrably with a FLASH amd video, Picture Mail capability, must take SD cards, have a large capacity for contacts, WIRELESS BACKUP desired, as well as email, wi-fi or broadband, games, etc... An MP3 player would be nice and a video player too, but not absolutely required. Also like the sliding text messaging keyboards, etc...

Can ANYONE tell me WHICH phone does have all these features and is available with Sprint?? I should mention, I am a Premier Sprint customer and am upgrading because my phone was stolen last night!! I originally ordered the Palm Centro this a.m., but really feel like I am not going to like that phone....

Thanks so much!! ~ Bren ~

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