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02/20/09 04:14 PM
Re: Blackberry for college?

Thank you for the information. I can see that you are not happy with the older version, that is runs slower. So the difference of $10.00 is worth paying.
While at the ATT store I was able to test out the Iphone and it seemed really easy to use. Do you feel for a "Mom" this is a good phone? As I tried it out,it seemed very easy to use. There was a cool feature for writing notes, this means I can jot down prices of things and keep track in my phone versus separate slips of paper in my purse. It also had a neat map feature that showed you where something was, for instance the closest bank etc. I can't tell you how many times I have driven to a sport event and had to drive around an unfamiliar area looking for a grocery store when a parent has forgotten to bring snack for the kids. That seems like a wonderful feature.
Does ATT give you a discount on the $30.00 if you already are an ATT customer? we have both home and cell with them.
Do you feel the Blackberry is easier or the Iphone for a "non-business person"(just a mom) to use?

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