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03/03/09 11:19 PM
Bold vs. Curve: Worth the hassle?

Hi. I'm a Verizon user who is eligible for a new phone. I want a Smartphone mostly because I'm sick of hauling around a PDA that doesn't work and a phone. Originally I'd thought about the Storm, but I'm not liking the touchscreens very well. (The inaccuracy is annoying if you're used to a stylus.) _Anyway_, I really like the Blackberry Bold, but going with that would mean switching to AT&T (so either a longer wait or $ to ditch Verizon, being on a different network than the rest of my family, etc. I've considered the Curve on Verizon, but I'd have to pay more to buy Mobile Office (a must have for me) and I still might have a slowish browser with not a lot of memory. Is the Bold really so much better than the Curve that it's worth jumping ship or should I suck it up and get the Curve?

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