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03/05/09 11:55 AM
Re: Bold vs. Curve: Worth the hassle?

Gotcha. Okay, so about these "rumors": I looked back through posts on a bunch of sites including blackberryforums.com and last spring, many folks were confidently proclaimimg that the Bold would come out on Verizon in Sept. after launching on AT&T in July. Clearly that didn't happen. What are the odds that it ever will? A very nice sales rep. for Verizon told me yesterday that most of Verizon's new launches happen by the end of April and that if it hasn't happened by then, it probably wouldn't. The obvious example of the Storm aside, does that sound right to you? I'm just trying to figure out how long to wait before ditching Verizon (or giving up on the Bold and getting the Curve, as I've heard less-than-stellar things about AT&T's cell coverage/dropped call rate).

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