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05/22/09 02:30 PM
Re: Need replacement phone on AT&T that can sync contacts

So I took the plunge and bought the Samsung Impression yesterday. Before I get to the problem let me say this phone is much smaller than my HTC Hermes was, is almost as easy to use, works with UConnect, and boy is the screen stunning! It's very elegently designed...

Which makes this all the harder to say.

It's gotta go back. The feature I most required, namely the ability to sync contacts with my laptops Outlook, isn't there. Samsung does indeed have an application called "PC Studio" which, on the face of it, will sync contacts to Outlook or any other enterprise class e-mail product. However, this phone is not supported by PC Studio and is instead supported by NEW PC Studio. New PC Studio is nothing more than a stripped down version of Media Player with a file explorer built in. It has no ability to sync contacts, calander appointments, or anything else I would reasonably consider useful.

What a shame, I really like this phone. But if it's impracticle, there's no point to it. I really don't want to get the HTC Fuze as I don't want to get stuck paying $30 for just data alone. But it seems I have little recourse. I either to that, or go back to my old Hermes.

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