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08/08/09 04:12 AM
Want durable/texting phone.

Lately I've been considering to buy the new iphone 3GS. I've played around with my friend's iphone and love the feel, application support, layout, etc. Except, there is a big issue. The cell phone WILL get beaten up; among other things, I am an EMT, which means stretchers and other heavy objects will crash into my side. Thus, I am quickly realizing that the iphone won't be such a great cell phone for myself.

Truthfully, I don't need a smartphone (only reason I want one is because it will be a new toy to play with) and will be more than happy to get a regular cell phone. So here is what I am looking for, and if anyone knows a cell phone that fits that criteria... please tell me. Currently, I am living in Virginia and have AT&T but not bound by any contract so I can switch carriers if one really has a better deal.

-Preferably a qwerty keyboard (I will be sending a lot of text messages)
-long battery life
-vibrant screen
-Aesthetically appropriate for an adult.

If some phones have nice layouts and features that approach a smartphone, I would love to hear about them but that isn't a big deal for me. I would rather get a cheap "regular" phone or an expensive smartphone instead of getting some mid-level somewhat-expensive phone... if that makes sense

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