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08/11/09 03:10 PM
Smartphone/Pda h/writing recog. 2 diaries. Is it possible?

I currently keep a paper based appointment diary for one boss. Shortly I will be needing to keep 2 diaries, for 2 different bosses. I dont want to carry around 2 paper diaries, so I thought I would look at an electronic option. It can be smartphone or stand alone PDA, either is acceptable.
I cannot find from any of the reviews that I have read, any device that will allow me to keep 2 appointment calendars. They would preferably be able to display week to a view, if possible.
As I will be entering names on the run, handwriting recognition seems to me to be the best option.

Is there any device that will do all of the above? At least some of the above??

Help and thank you


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