09/17/09 12:22 PM
Re: Nokia N97 or Palm Pre or ....?


Sony Ericsson are coming out with some nice Android models around October...

I actually got the sony ericsson Xperia X1, loved the phone, hated the battery life (even taking off 3g) with push email. Returned it after a week. The typing experience was horrible. Too flush mounted.

I got the G1 and the Htc Magic and they have inconsistencies in messaging apps (for example, instant messaging would give me random disconnects, and typing out an email on the touch screen gave me a lot of lags). So Android phones are out for me. Not to mention while listening to music, and receiving an email or message in general, it doesn't stop the music it just plays with the music, but through the speakers, and not through the head phones. I always had to put it into vibrate mode...

I'm still on blackberry phones, which I love, but the OS is bugging me.

The new Nokia N900 is just gorgeous and the Palm Pre GSM version is coming out before christmas. The Xperia 2 has a better keyboard coming out in November. The Storm 2 is coming out in October. The N97 mini is coming out in October as well!

There are a slew of new phones coming out and I don't know which one to get! And my bolds trackball is driving me crazy, and getting it repaired will take 3 weeks (I Know.... forever) so for that I'll keep it just the way it is until I get my new phone and rim will give me a new blackberry under warranty. I dunnoooooo :'(

How do you think the n900 will do? I think it will be better than the Pre for one reason: the keyboard is larger and I have large fingers :P

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