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10/01/09 01:43 PM
Sony Ereader Touch or the Coming Daily Reader?

I purchased the ereader yesterday at borders for $300 yesterday. Love the support for pdf (as I will be using for this feature mainly) and the mp3 feature is an added plus.

However I have also been taken away by the Kindle DX (though the price point is clearly wide between them two) screen size at 9.7, and took me a couple months to decide.

As with the ereader touch, the only negatives here are potentially the contrast and the slight glare to me.

Does it make sense to wait for the Daily Reader (coming out in Dec) which will be at $399? What I seem to get with the extra hundred is: 1) another inch of viewable screen, 2) 16 layers of grayscale as opposed to 8 layers on this touch device 3) 3G wireless 4) and potentially an additional fix to this glare issure.

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

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