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12/05/09 01:10 PM
Which phone is best based on these parameters?

I won't share all of the gory details, but here's my current status. I use an almost-dead personal Moto RAZR as my cell phone and a company-issued OLD Blackberry for exchange email on the go and synching of my calendar / contacts / tasks / notes when I'm in the office. I also have an OLD company-issued Windows-based (but not a phone) PDA that's not used for anything. (It was my calendar, etc. before I received the hand-me-down Blackberry.) I tired of carrying three devices and stopped using it since I have to keep the mobile email. Oh, I've got a personal 60 GB iPod for music, too.

Now, I have an opportunity to get a new company-paid smartphone to consolidate most (or all) of these functions. I'm off contract with Verizon and could switch to AT&T if the iPhone is my solution.

My wants in order of importance are...
1) robust PIM functions (calendar, tasks, contacts, notes) that synch on-the-fly with an Exchange Server (note: I really miss my Palm Tungsten)
2) email on-the-fly
3) quality phone (clear, reliable signal)
4) internet access
5) business-oriented apps / widgets such as a financial calculator
6) streaming music (Pandora)
7) stored music / photos / video
8) gaming

Note: there's a fairly steep drop after #3 and again after #5. So, 1-3 are must-have's, 4-5 are really-want's, and 6-8 are nice-to-have's.

I've handled (and been impressed with) the Touch Pro 2, Imagio, Moto Droid, HTC Eris, Storm 2, and iPhone. However, 5 minutes of "wow, that's awesome" in the store doesn't equate to a 2-year contract for a day-to-date getting-it-done piece of equipment.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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