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04/27/10 10:26 PM
HTC Imagio or Incredible

Lisa aka Head Honcho, help! I have to decide by this Thursday (4/29): should I go with the Imagio (which is how I'm leaning) or the Incredible? It looks like you've rated both 4.25 stars. I have the Samsung Rogue and really do not like it.

I am very comfortable with Windows; I have a Zune and WMP on my pc. I need access to email during the day while on the road; I like to read the NY Times and CNN, though not crucial. I do not need to edit documents. I do like having VCast video on demand, though I am not certain that I would continue the service once I up my data plan to $30/mo. instead of $15.

I know the Incredible is incredibly fast, which is nice but not crucial. Your review for the Imagio was excellent but it seems like users either love it or aren't wild about it; they say it freezes up on them or stops working altogether. What about call quality of the two? I certainly don't want a $200 paper weight.

I also know Google has tons more apps, but from what I've read, the Windows apps available seem just fine to me. My husband, a self-confessed crack-berry addict thinks I should go with the Incredible as the Imagio is already "old." What do you think? I have no idea what to do.

Thanks so much for your advice.


PS - I use Thunderbird and Firefox and I believe Skyfire uses the same rendering engine as Firefox.

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