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04/28/10 02:01 AM
Re: HTC Imagio or Incredible

glad to hear call quality is very good because CNET says call quality on Imagio can be choppy and actually "drop" words according to the receiver of the call. You didn't find that to be the case?

Thanks LG, I do know about airplane mode, though I used to just silence the ringer. I only recently started turning the phone off to conserve battery life. Even though Rogue is only semi-smart, it uses a lot of juice.

I'm still leaning toward the Imagio. Aesthetically, it appears a little sleeker, and not as plastic as the Incredible. Yes? Plus I like the rubbery dimpled casing/frame surrounding the front. From the pics, it seems the Incredible, like the Moto Droid, is a bit more masculine.

last question, which I don't know if you have the answer: if V Cast video is included in data plan, is texting as well, or is that a separate charge?

with gratitude,

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