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08/20/10 10:47 PM
Bold 9650 Verizon or Droid 2

Hi...I value your opinion...:) I have a Bold 9650 on Verizon. i am still in my 30 dy exchange period. I am actually very happy with the Bold in terms of call quality, ease of texting, etc...but..hmmm...I can't help feeling that I am "missing out" by not getting something "newer/hotter" like Droid 2. For example, viewing photos on the BB is not great with small screen. Call Quality, Reception, Battery Life are probably the most important to me...but this phone craving has become something of a hobby. So I kind of feel like with the blackberry I am going with outdated tech...basically solid but boring. so, I guess question is if you had to choose between Bold 9650 or Droid 2, and call quality, reception, battery life were your main concerns...which would you choose? Thanks

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