06/13/11 10:25 PM
Re: Thin Laptop

Thank you Lisa. I ended up getting ThinkPad X1. All the reviews I read of X1 (including yours ) stated the battery's life is about 4 to 5 hours. Mine never go beyond 2 hours 15 minutes. I called Lenovo, and it says 5.2 hours of battery life is stand by. I feel it is misleading stating battery life of 5.2 hours if it is only stand by. Also, Lenovo says the battery is 4 cell instead of 6 cell like most reviews says. The spec on the Lenovo's website says 38.4Wh. I don't know what 38.4Wh is. My question is when mfg says 5.2 hours, is it referring to standy by or usage or mix? I can live with 4 hours, or even 3 hours, especially it quickly recharge it. But, it is a big disappointment when it is only about 2 hours. Thank you Lisa.

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