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08/04/11 01:45 PM
Re: Which phone should I get (AT&T)?

I find that the Samsung Focus is highly rated not only by MT Review but by other review sites and users. I am strongly considering getting this ATT phone and will be moving away from my Blackberry curve with the main objective being enhanced web surfing capability. My primary phone uses are voice, email, text, web. I do not do music, games or video.

I have one question: My understanding is that the copy/paste feature is NOT supported, but that Microsoft now offers a software update for Windows 7 Mobile which installs this. I believe it is called "NoDo" - or something similar. Is this update easily downloaded from the MS website via computer connection or can it be sent to the phone via the web?

Thanks in advance. I will also appreciate any additional observations on the Focus by current owners of the product.

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