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10/25/11 04:18 AM
AT&T: Infuse or Atrix 2

I'm looking to upgrade my phone with AT&T and I'm looking at the $99 price point. I currently have an Iphone which I'm looking to get away from. I've been looking at the Infuse and the Atrix 2. I've seen a lot of reviews and opinions on the infuse but not so much on the Atrix 2 since it's relatively new. Anybody have a preference? One thing to keep in mind is that I have no experience with Android phones. From what I've read, it sounds like each manufacturer has their own UI so if there's a difference between them that you feel stands out, let me know. Also, I know the Infuse runs Froyo (I'm not aware of an upgrade yet) and the Atrix 2 runs Gingerbread so please let me know of any significant differences there.


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