01/26/12 01:49 AM
Should I buy a Transformer $400 or wait for more quad core tabs and prices to drop?

For a while I was resisting what I called the tablet hype. I felt that a tablet is nothing more than a large PDA. I used to own an Ipaq years ago and looking back that was a disappointing experience. But that could be me. Maybe I adopted too early, maybe my expectations were wrong.
In any case, I have been seeing what people do with tabs/pads and I have to say that little by little I got intrigued. Since I became the father of my first baby 3 months ago I also noticed that my computer usage at home has changed. Where I used to like to experiment a lot, now I just want to use Facebook, watch Netflix (connected to my 50” or 42” flat-screen tv) connected in HDMI, watch Youtube (with headphones), read an e-book, browse the internet for information, look at high resolution pictures of my baby, and e-mail and Skype. Since I find myself mostly doing these things in bed, I am getting tired of my laptop. I am now thinking that a pad/tab might be the thing for me. Honestly, I want one.. I'm hooked and I am ready to buy one now!
An iPad to me is no option. Mostly because I don’t like the fact that it is such a closed system and has no ports. I am certain I am going to want to connect something to it at some point and stick an (micro)SD card in it at some time!
So I decided to start looking at eBay and quickly realized that for around $300-$400 there are some tablets available that seem to be good alternatives.
I considered the Lenovo Ideapad, Acer Iconia, Samsung Galaxy, Toshiba Thrive, HP Touchpad and the Asus Eee pad Transformer (I may be forgetting some) and I guess all have their pros and cons and none are perfect.
I have a Lenovo Laptop, like the brand and with 32G and a nice design I leaned towards the Idea pad at first. However, after further research (reading and watching reviews) I concluded that The Transformer has a better screen, is thinner, lighter and seems do be able to do everything I want it to do. At about $400 it’s affordable and I thought I’d be getting a good deal….
And then the Transformer Prime came out…. Quad core…. OK, so after viewing Lisa’s review I know it is not the tab for me but it did make me think and continue my research… Is this the right time to buy a dual core tab? Does it indeed do what I need it to do? And if so, will it keep on doing so? Will it take me far enough into the future? Or will the thing be useless 1 a year or so? Too little CPU capacity, too little RAM…. I don’t know… What do you think? I don't want that same kind of disappointing experience like I had with the Ipaq back in the day...

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