01/28/12 03:22 AM
Re: Should I buy a Transformer $400 or wait for more quad core tabs and prices to drop?

Haha, exactly why I am now undecided.
My biggest problem is that I live on an island and I can't go to a store and just take a closer look myself. The Xoom seems like a great tab also.
Display: Transformer. But is the difference that big?
Weight and thinness: Transformer. But to the extent that it will bother me with the Xoom?
Design: I think I like the Xoom better and I like the fact that the back is metal also. But as you say in your review, the build of the Tranformer is fine too.
Ergonomics: Xoom I think. I have read that the Transformer has some sharp edges and may irritate your palm if you have it in your hand for longer periods. On the other hand.. it has less weight and I can imagine a heavier tab can also be irritating over time.. I have also read that the on screen keyboard is easier to use with the Xoom. Although I am not sure I will use that a lot anyway...
HDMI: The Xoom is actually the only tab where I saw that part included in the review. It works great on your 50"! Don't know about the Transformer.

I wish I could go to a store and check out these differences for myself... :-(

So I can buy:
A Refurbished Transformer 16GB with 90 day warranty for $298. With 2y extended warranty and tax: $385
A Refurbished Transformer 32GB with 90 day warranty for $395.
A New Transformer 16GB with 1y manufacturer warranty $428
A Refurbished Motorola Xoom 32GB with 1y manufacturer warranty $350

The fact that the Xoom has 1y manufacturer warranty, has 32GB and is the cheapest, is also something to consider... Pfff I guess I am 50/50 again...

I guess you are tired of me by now! hahaha sorry Lisa!

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