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04/19/12 04:14 AM
Re: Need Tablet Guidance........

web browsing, MS Office docs,email/calendar via wildblue/google and maybe a book or two. I would like to make a short case for the playbook based upon your desires.

Playbook 16GB can be found for less than $200 online (bestbuy was running a deal for $200 for a brand new one in store but I don't think anymore)

Web browsing
Very nice web browser with flash support

MS office
Comes free with "docs to go" which is a mobile document editor. Warning though, it's no Microsoft Office.

With O.S. 2.0, playbook now has email and calendar apps that sync with online accounts like live or google calendars if you want.

Book or two
There is no kindle app, however you can get the android kindle app for the playbook (although I admit it is rather a hasle)

Now a quick case against the playbook

Blackberry makes it and the company is getting weaker and weaker every year

There doesn't seem to be anyone that likes the playbook so no one cares to make any new apps for it.

There's a 'slide to wake' gesture that wakes it up sometimes without you wanting to

Transferring files onto the playbook with blackberry file transfer software can be less than intuitive sometimes.

No Skype. You can video chat, but only with other blackberry users (unless you use an online workaround)

I hope you give the playbook consideration. I have one and I love it. The Operating System (QNX) is (I think) by far the coolest amongst tablet Operating Systems (because HP web o.s. is no more).

Also have you considered waiting for the Google Nexus tablet that will release in June/July or windows 8 tablets that will have (I think) real office/computer power?

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