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05/16/12 03:52 PM
Which Convertible Tablet PC??

I've been checking out all the MTR videos on Youtube, I've even watched some of them multiple times!
They have got to be the BEST review videos I have ever seen! Keep it up!

I'm looking to get a convertible tablet PC (running windows) to use as my main computer and for taking notes in my engineering classes using Microsoft OneNote. Multitouch and a wacom digitizer pen are a must! I might also do a bit of cad work and some light video editing occasionally. So I think a mid-range Intel Core i5 with the Intel HD 3000 graphics is fine for my needs.

I saw the MTR review for the HP 2760P, I didn't really like that one (seemed sort of chunky and heavy looking).
I liked the Lenovo X220 more though. I watched some other videos to get a sense of what the tablet version (X220T) is like, but itís hard to know if intense note taking on that small 12.5" display at 16:9 will be possible, it sounds small and narrow to me anyway.

I really like the Fujitsu T901 which I saw in some other reviews but it's quite a bit more expensive; however the 13.3" display at 16:10 is more what I am used to on laptops. It also seems more like the size of a sheet of paper in portrait mode.

I've never had a tablet pc before, so I donít know what size is suitable for note taking. Iím hoping someone can here can help me, none of the retail stores carry convertibles so I canít try before buying. Iím open to other models too, I just had a hard time finding any recent convertibles at all.

Thank You!!!!

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