08/01/12 01:01 AM
Re: 3G/4G reception/signal---I-Pad 3 or Samsung Galaxy 7.7"?

Ipad 3 and Samsung Galaxy 7.7 both have different chips for communication purposes.While Apple opted for a Qualcomm MDM9600 chip for 3G and 4G, samsung has its own CMC22000 LTE baseband processor with a via telecom CBP7.1C EVDO platform chip.Both the tablets have very efficient chips if at all there is a difference it will be nominal.Both have aluminium alloy bodies with a border of wireless friendly material which seems to be plastic.Having a complete metal alloy finish is not good for an excellent wireless data transmission rate -a point demonstrated by ASUS in their transformer prime 101-301 models and hopefully rectified in 700TF.

While what Lisa stated here is just perfect, If you still want a powerful signal reception from a tablet; try to find out a tablet with similar performance but with a plastic back which doesn't look cheap.And this Might give you a marginal boost in signal reception.

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