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08/07/12 03:35 PM

Hello Mobile tech review!

I am a student and i am searching some time now a tablet/phablet that is best suited for me. Maybe you can help me find 'the one'.
Here is what I'm searching for:
(And i will respect it if you would tell me : "sorry, no results found" )

- Active digitizer stylus: I would really want to use handwriting recognition a lot: f.e. taking notes during class, writing papers etc. Because typing takes too much space on a tablet.
- And I would like the notes to become text and to become pdf or wordfiles.
- Multitasking: writing a paper and browsing the internet at the same time
- I would like to have a simcardslot, then I can browse the internet also outside of the house
- (mini) usb port
- minimal 8 hours of battery life
- price tag: max. 600 euro

The closest I have come is the Asus Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC, Samsung series 7 slate (both are too expensive) and the samsung galaxy note 10.1 (will probably be too expensive for what it contains).

Thanks a lot in advance!!

PS: do you know to print a document from a tablet/phablet? is it possible?

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