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08/20/12 04:43 PM
Macbook Air 13 2012 VS Macbook Pro Retina

Hi Lisa,

I am facing difficulties to decide on which Mac should I buy, it is the 13 inch MacBook Air 2012 or the glory of Retina?
I will answer some questions you may ask me in return:
1) Price: The budget is not a problem.

2) Desired configuration: The Air will be configured with i7 2.0 + 8 GB Memory + 256 SSD at cost of 1720 $ as priced in UAE. The Pro will be configures at i7 2.3 + 8 GB Memory + 256 SSD at cost of 2260 $ as priced in UAE.

3) Laptop use: I am an IT Professional (Infrastructure Manager), my expertise are totally Microsoft Systems, networking and Information Security, so I am doing all kind of Work under Windows and Linux, but I am thinking to buy Mac for the personal use (Web, social networking, blogging, email, office docs, Photo viewing and editing and probably some Video editing). Nothing of the mentioned considered by any mean a way to gain many or professional work, it will be totally my personal use machine to hang around with.

Here are my questions to you now

1) Is the Retina really worth it? I tested it myself and found the Retina resolution is no brainer and don't work smoothly even with Apple optimized apps like iPhoto, if you go to full screen in iPhoto using Retina, you will find weird behavior, so the same with other application, test are blurry, seriously, nothing looks to work with this insane resolution, still, the screen looks nice and sharp, not typical matt one, but viewing angles are decent with less glare. So is this a real Advantage for me over the classic Air Display (Which personally I think it is a real good one)?
How do you see the Retina and The Air displays in comparison?

2) Performance: I know the processor in the Retina is way beyond what a low voltage one in the Air can offer, but following the mentioned needs, do you think the air would serve me buy the upgrades I mentioned earlier? or I would need the Retina power?

3) Portability: Yes, I need it portable to hangout with me anytime I need it, I felt the weight of the Retina, it is not bulky and heavy as the regular Pro. but after holding it for a while, I really feel the weight (I should do some body building to overcome this ). The Air is out of portability Question!

4) Gaming: No need for me, games is only on dedicated gaming consoles for me.

So what do you think? And if you would say Air, shall I consider Samsung 9 Series 15 inch versus Air?

Thank you in advance.

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