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08/20/12 09:56 PM
Re: Macbook Air 13 2012 VS Macbook Pro Retina

Welcome to MTR, Dufox.

It sounds to me like you've done your homework. You know that the Retina MacBook Pro has an amazing display and is much faster, and that the Air is more portable and less expensive (although apparently budget is not an issue for you). So basically it's just a personal choice of whether the added size is worth it for the awesome screen and the superb performance. If it were me, then if money were no object, I would definitely choose the Retina.

On the other hand, you could "have your cake and eat it too" if Apple made a 13" Retina MacBook, and it is rumored that Apple will do exactly that, possibly very soon. I would be very interested in such a model myself, so if you are willing to play the waiting game, that might be a good strategy for at least a couple of months.

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