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10/11/12 12:01 PM
Sony Vaio S15 vs Thinkpad T530. Tough choice

Hi folks. I am in the market for a 15 inch laptop. What I am looking for is a laptop with a great HD display and the ability to upgrade the RAM and hard drive at least relatively easily. I have a 13 inch Mac in which I installed an SSD drive and it made such a huge improvement I don't want to go with something that cannot be upgraded down the road (like the MacBook Pro Retina). So after doing some research and hitting several stores I have whittled it down to the Sony Vaio S15 or the Thinkpad T530.

I have seen the Sony at my local Sony store a couple of times but the Thinkpad T530 is only available online. I have had Thinkpads in the past, and even though it is not exactly what I am looking for esthetically, it is supposed to have a nice FHD display, with good viewing angles for a TN panel. The Sony has the IPS display which is a beauty. What I really like about the Thinkpad is that is very easily upgradeable.

I would just like to get some feedback on what you guys think about my choices and if anyone has any experience with these laptops. Also if there are other choices you can think of I am open to that as well.

I just found this site and it is really terrific! Thanks in advance for your input.

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