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11/02/12 09:59 PM
Is a "convertible" for me? Maybe the Yoga?

Greetings, I have always just used a regular "laptop" but I'm heading back to school and I need something new for school that isn't the 8 pound desktop replacement from work!

I started looking around and I was really interested in something that was both a regular laptop and that had a screen I could "write" on with some form of digital pen. In addition to typing notes and papers and using Excel I want to be able to be able to possible take handwritten notes (to capture designs or write formulas/equations from the whiteboard) and to sketch my own designs and such.

My main concern (and by "concern" I mean 'woeful ignorance of the entire landscape of these devices') about these convertible machines like the Yoga is that they're more for "touch" and not for "taking notes/sketching." Is that correct? Or am I wrong and there's an option to, like, turn off screen response (in tablet mode) EXCEPT to a digital pen?

I would think, on first blush, that I would want something more akin to the older laptops that have the hinge in the middle but I don't really seem to see those being marketed anymore (presumably because the tablet/convertible/Win8 market is so hot right now?). And those machines seem pretty heavy compared to this new crop of convertibles.

So can anyone clear up maybe what it is I am looking for and maybe some recommendations?

This is my first post so thanks!

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