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01/02/13 04:45 PM
Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini

I am currently stuck in the middle of wheather I should get a Nexus 7, a Kindle Fire HD, or an iPad Mini. I have gotten the chance to play with all 3 devices. I was VERY satified with all 3. I like the Nexus 7 because of the pretty good app selection, the one hand capabilities, and all the google intergration. The only reason I dont like it is I imagine it would be hard to watch movies and tv shows on such a narrow screen. I like the Kindle Fire HD because in my opinion it has the greatest feel of all 3. I like the slightly redisigned version of the home screen. I love the fact that they increased wi-fi signal because my first generation Kindle Fire was VERY slow. When I first tried out the iPad Mini I was amazed. I like how it is small but not too small that it isnt enjoyable. Things I like about it are: The app store, iTunes, the cameras, the OS, the size, and the high build quality. The only thing I don't like about it is the price. Is it worth the extra $130 for the iPad Mini? I am looking for a tablet for some movies and tv shows, games, slight reading, maybe some picture taking, video chatting/facetiming, and web browsing. OR, do you think I should just wait for the iPad Mini 2 to come out which should include a faster processor and a retina display. So that's all I have, any help would be great!

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