(Head Honcho)
01/27/13 02:55 AM
Re: Narrowed Down to 2...........I think

Neither sounds perfect since the Twist has the horsepower but lacks the pen while the ATIV 500T is adequate but might be a little underpowered if you want several Flash games going at once. If you're OK with one Flash game in the browser at a time plus multiple other tabs for things like Craigslist then the ATIV 500T would work. Anything with more horsepower plus a digital pen is going to cost several hundred dollars more (like the Samsung ATIV 700T or the MS Surface Pro). You could shop around and see if you can find last year's Samsung Series 7 Slate (2nd gen Core i5) at a similar price to the Twist and 500T. It has a Wacom digital pen.

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