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02/18/13 07:00 AM
Help with android smartphone choice please?

Hi! Your youtube videos are the best I've found so far. I'm wanting an android phone, and I'd like to find out if there's anything I'm missing before I make the leap. My current phone is an iPhone 3gs. I got it new, it still works (except for the volume on/off switch) and I never felt like any of the new iPhones offered anything worth renewing my contract for.

I'm a PC user and have always preferred them even with high exposure to friends and wife using macs/apples, so the idea of android has intrigued me. Yesterday I purchased an Asus TF700 after watching most of your tablet videos, and I absolutely love it. So THANKS! It is my first tablet, and I find that I really like android and have no regrets about not getting an iPad.

I've watched many of your smartphone reviews, and my top choice at this point is the HTC One X+. I'd never considered HTC at all before your videos, but I'd never considered an Asus before either. My phone choice going into the videos was Samsung Galaxy S3 (and the 8.9 Kindle Fire for tablet if you're wondering).

I want to make sure I'm not missing something that is about to come out (really soon) or something already available that I'm overlooking that I'm going to wish I'd found beforehand. I'm grandfathered in on the unlimited internet with At&T, so I've been hanging on, but I may lose that with upgrading.

I haven't ever used multiple SD Cards or battery swapping for my phone so it's not a requirement for me. I want a fast phone that doesn't freeze up opening apps. I like good displays. I want good quality phone calls/sound carrier notwithstanding. I use it for everything people use the phones for pretty much so no point in listing.

Is there anything you know of that I should look at or wait for before getting the HTC One X+? Thanks for reading and for any advice!


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