(Head Honcho)
03/10/13 03:14 PM
Re: Tablet Choice Help!

For my needs right now, I have the:

HP Envy x2: forever battery life, great build and keyboard so I can write forever on a charge... and watch a few videos too, esp. Amazon Prime thanks to Windows' full Flash support.

Nexus 10: much more fulfilling for entertainment stuff. Much wider selection of 3D games, apps for everything (some of which I've grown extremely fond of over the years) so I don't have to use the web browser and hunt and pick my content.

* But I also like using a pen for drawing and note-taking. I've owned the Galaxy Note 10.1 and loved it for that and the MS Surface Pro is excellent if you need the digital pen. Likewise the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 with pen option is really tempting because it's so portable. I like the VivoTab TF810C that we just reviewed, but here in the US the price is just absurd.

I love the Surface Pro, but the battery life doesn't suit my needs and I don't need that much processing power since I have a capable laptop. But for others reading this, if the tablet were going to be my main computer, Surface Pro would be on the short list.

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