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04/05/13 08:24 AM
Should I get a Surface Pro?

I've needed a new laptop/tablet/thing for a long time and since hearing about the Surface pro last year, I became quite interested in it, as it everything I am looking for. I live in UK, so am still waiting for it to be released...
I want something lightweight, portable, but still be able to run full windows applications. I need to be able to do word processing, play light games, and have a good display for my media. Hence I am thinking more Tablet/laptop as opposed to laptop/tablet (ie, the Lenovo Yoga.) I am about to go to university at the end of the year to study computer science.
Would you recommend the Surface Pro? Or is there something else which I should look at?

Also, how long do you expect it to be until it is released in the UK? Could I just order from the US and would it work the same? Would there be any compatibility issues?

Hope you can help me out


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