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04/07/13 03:39 AM
Re: Don't know which one I should buy...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your prompt reply!!
Actually I live in Singapore. I visited a PC store a few days ago, and I found that the UX3VD comes with a touch screen. I am not sure about the exact model number of it, but it has a integrated graphic card, 500GB hdd, intel i5 and 24GB ssd.
I am not a pro in this area so probably I won't upgrade it...><

I have a Toshiba laptop now, so I am going for a ligher one. As for the screen size, >= 13.3" is good for me. But I really want it to be light because I will bring it to class..

I actually saw some reviews for this model(UX32VD), and many of them say that the support is bad and the quality is not gauranteed...I am a bit worried about that also...

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