(Head Honcho)
04/07/13 02:55 PM
Re: Don't know which one I should buy...

That's really mysterious. Even on Asus's Singapore website, they only list a non-touch Zenbook UX32VD. There's the touch UX31A and the VivoBook S300CA 13.3" Touch model with a 500 gig HDD and integrated graphics. I would absolutely love it as a touch model!

In the Ultrabook 13" category, with 2 exceptions hey all have integrated graphics, and nearly all have SSDs, so to meet your requirements, the UX32VD is the only one with an HDD and dedicated graphics in the 13.3" space. Even the Samsung Series7 Ultra with touch and dedicated graphics is an SSD-only machine. You could hunt for a 512 gig mSATA SSD to upgrade the Series 7 Ultra but those are drives quite expensive.

The UX32VD had some quality control issues, but Asus has gotten that under control. You might get some light bleed on the display, but that's about it for problems. Support varies from country to country, so I can't speak for their Singapore support. In the US, their support is no worse than other PC companies, in my experience.

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