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05/01/13 02:56 AM
Re: High-end tablet or convertible ultrabook

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I just don't trust that Samsung has everything in order, particularly with the keyboard. I really don't like their software update service on the 500t and I know it's similar for the 700t from forums I've checked. Not trying to just shoot down your suggestion. Just thinking it through here.

With the 500t, when I got it back in November it was by far the cheapest full Windows 8 device I could find and I was willing to sacrifice some hardware design for the lower price. At around the $1000 price point I would like to see better materials and design than what Samsung has done. Microsoft and Lenovo products are more appealing have seem to have generally better support from what I've read from other owners.

I looked at your full review of the Acer Iconia tablet and if it just had proper pen support I might go with that one. Being the only tablet of the Windows 8 bunch with no dockable keyboard it needs a pen even more than the others I think.

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