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08/15/13 07:54 PM
Racking my brain on a new Ultrabook

Quick question...

I was looking at your new Acer Aspire S7 Haswell review and it looks like a great ultrabook. Been racking my head on the Sony Vaio Pro 13 or the Aspire S7 Haswell.

There are quite a few reviews out on the Pro 13 now since that has been out for a while but the S7 has been only out for a bit and of course you always provide the most extensive reviews which I appreciate.

Is there any more information on the graphic benchmarks compared to the Pro 13? I've noticed that the Pro 13 seems to be benchmarking a bit lower on graphics then the Ivy Bridges before it from other sites and when compared to something like the Duo 13 which has a HD5000 chip in it.

Would be curious to see if the HD4400 in the Acer actually comes closer to the current Ivy Bridges or beats it. Also does the S7 have dual channel ram? I plan on doing some light gaming like Diablo 3, Street Fighter 4, Starcraft 2 at the lowest resolutions (which is fine by me) and want to make sure the HD4400 will hold up with the S7.

Also - Any idea when these PC manufacturers are going to catch up and start including the HD 5000 chipset? Only one so far that has made any announcement about that is Asus but they are eyeing "Q4" and I've been hearing that may be more like December now. It's almost baffling how far behind everyone is and how Apple got them in their Air's but no one is taking advantage of the 5000 chipset

Thanks Lisa for the great reviews and help!

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