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09/16/13 04:15 AM
Which Laptop?

I have been digging and searching for a laptop, there are so many different laptops and so many different builds that it's very hard to pin point a good one. So here's what I know I want.

Must have:
Touch Screen
Windows 8 (not rt)
Solid build
HDMI port

Would like but doesn't need
cd/dvd rom
backlit keyboard
trackpad without buttons (just the big pad, dunno what its called)
Decent resolution
good speakers

Don't really care

My wife will be using it to play her facebook games and some games from the windows store (xbox store). Games like farmville, taptiles, and hide and seek games.

I have reviewed so many different laptops, so far the ones I like are the Acer M5 481pt, Lenovo z400 (I have seen some called the s400 but I dont know the difference), Dell 15z (I think its the inspirion but it could be the xps).

I am sure there are other laptops out there but I just am so tired of digging and digging.

One thing is I have heard that the Z400 has the full i5 not the weaker one. The z400 is supposed to be like 2.6ghz while the others are more like 1.8. Will that make a difference? The knock on the z400 seems to be the hard drive being slow...but I don't know if it has the same, worse, or better hard drive than the other models listed.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible.

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