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11/04/13 10:47 PM
Choosing a Tablet

Hello Lisa,

I am really sorry to bother you with yet another ”what tablet should i buy ”( given the fact that, all the information that i need is listed in the product information of every tablet out there), but still...here i am

I work as a Mechanical Engineer and given the fact that i just recently began this road (just 1 year of experience) i need a tablet that will serve me as a ”Engineering encyclopedia”. I want to store all the things that i learn, all the things that i need and i want to have easy acces to different suppliers and different products in my domain.

For this reason i have decided to buy a tablet. I do not need a high performance tablet (mainly because i have a workstation at work, and a workstation at home), it will just serve as a ”collect data tablet”(so no computer aided design on it)

What i requiere from this tablet is:

-Windows 8
-Docking station ( pen can be a nice addition, but it is optional)
-at least 64 GB of storage
-and last but not least( and i can.t express how important this is) it should have 3G

Now given the fact that i do not want to spend a lot of money on it (i was thinking somewhere around 500-600 Euros, maybe more depending on what the machine offers), the only options that i have found are:
-”Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2”
-”ASUS Vivo Tab Smart”
-”Samsung ATIV Smart ”
And from these 3 options here, not all sites offered them with 3G(this is a optional 3G/4G on 2/3)

What i would like to know 1. what other options do i have with windows 8/docking station/3G ?
2. is it worth considering a tablet with windows RT?
3. from youre knowledge, what other tablets with these specifications will be launched in the forseeeable future?
4. just a personal recommandation on what should i buy?

I would like to thank you in advanced, and i would like to say that you.re reviews are awesome, and i am really glad that i have discovered this site.


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