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01/07/14 12:30 AM
Re: Help me choose an Ultrabook

Thank you Lisa for your reply! BTW - your video reviews are awesome!! I commend your efforts.
Here is where my lack of knowledge drives me nuts:
1: In real-word terms, how does dual-band WIFI work and how would I know that it is doing anything for me? For example: Let's assume that I am sitting in a hotel lobby in Argentina and there were 20 people using the hotel WIFI service. 19/20 have laptops with single band wifi and I am the only one with dual-band wifi. How would this hlep me specifically?
2: When I read specs very rarely is the phrase "dual-band" shown in the wireless spec section. Is there a way for me to know if in fact a unit has dual-band.
3: I am looking at 2 units:
Dell XPS 13 (Haswell) and
Acer Aspire S7 (Haswell)
Do both of these units have dual-band wifi?
Thanks for your help with this!!!

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