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04/12/14 05:12 PM
They ve destroyed my laptop, they offer a T440s but is it the good one ?

Firstly, i beg your pardon if i don't speak english very well. It is not my native language .

Secondly, i am going to start by a story:
"Five days ago, Vinou received his family and his niece (six years old). One day, Vinou went out to the supermarket. He came back one hour later and ... his asus laptop had become A keyboard and A tablet...
This morning, he heard a loud noise coming from his smartphone.
- The sms content =>'LENOVO THINKPAD T440S, i sent you the main configuration by email.'
- The email content => 'Processor : I7 4600U | RAM: 8Go DDR3 | Hard Disk: 256 Go SSD | Max Resolution; 1920 x 1080 | Screen size: 14-inch'."

Thirdly, I am going to detail you how Vinou will use his next laptop. Before installing software, he will change the Operating System or create a dual boot(will it permit to keep the warranty ?). It will be Debian. When it will be ended, he will install and use tomcat (a JEE server), Maven (A software that permits to retrieve easily the JEE libraries), XAMP (Apache + mysql), Postgresql and some IDEs (integrated development environment) like Eclipse or NetBeans. It is for local computer programming (the databases will not be launched at startup).

Seriously, i need your help. Is the Thinkpad T440S a sufficient computer for what I want to do ? I am a bit lost. I am not an hardware expert and it will be nice if you could give me some advices.

Thank you



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