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11/10/11 09:58 PM
Nook Color

Hello - I'm new here. Never heard of this site until I was looking for info about the Nook.
I'm new at ereaders too. Never thought I would ever want one. Figured paperbacks were just fine for me and ebooks/readers were just so much unneeded nonsense.
Until I heard something about the Nook being used as a cheap tablet.
That really piqued my interest so I began scouring the web for good info about the Nook.
Ended up watching your 2 part video and it was the best and most comprehensive info that I've seen so far.
I liked what I saw so much that I went out & tried to buy a refurb Nook that same day.
Price was originally $139 w/free ship but by the time I actually hit the 'buy now' button the price had gone up to $160+.
So I decided to wait & get the new Nook Tablet.
I never would have considered a purchase if I hadn't watched your video.
I thank you so much for that.
Hope you have a GREAT day!

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