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07/01/10 02:48 AM
Current survey on the front page - why no suggestions?

I have to say, I'm a bit disappointing by the survey on the front page. Here I was hoping you guys were eliciting opinions/suggestions for the website, but alas it turned out to be a marketing survey.

The reviews on this website are generally helpful, but I think the user interface leaves much to be desired. Let's not mince words; the website looks like something I would see on the internet circa 1999. I have a feeling the page views on this site as well as the traffic on the forum would shoot through the roof if you overhauled the interface. Seriously, I love you guys, but it's hard to take this site seriously with the current design. If I was a new visitor I'd think this was one of those domain-squatter spam pages based on appearance.

One other gripe while we are gripping; I wish the reviews were as technical as they used to be back in the PPC days. I could depend on benchmarks back then and comparisons on video playback including FPS. Today the reviews seem way simplified.

Don't think I don't love you guys. I obvious still visit this site for a reason. I just hope to see some much needed improvements soon.

Your fan,
- Ravicai

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